The Municipal Regional Theater of Ioannina is evolving.

Depending on the type of productions presented, the Main, the Children's, the Experimental & the New Stage were formed.


Main Stage

The main stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina produces projects of world and Greek drama that are addressed to audiences of all ages.

Childrens Stage

The children's stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina produces performances for children every year. Projects from the Greek and foreign repertoire that have been written exclusively for children, but also adaptations of works or novels have been staged on the children's stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina to entertain young and old.


Experimental Stage

The Experimental Stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina proposes either new projects or a new way of presenting older projects. It is always based on proposals made to the organization, and is aimed at audiences of all ages.

New Stage

The new stage of Di.Pe.The. Ioannina presents modern productions with a modern look and is addressed to an audience of all ages.